Your Data: Friend or Foe?

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Every week, as the sales and support teams at Windward Studios talk to dozens of companies about reporting and document generation, one trend shines through: the organizations that structure their customer data first see huge time savings in report design later.

Unless you begin with the ultimate goal in mind—that is, getting the data from your data source into a report or document—your application is likely to take far longer to complete. Because let's face it, everyone saves the reporting piece for last and underestimates the complexity of the process.


Another trend we see is that DBAs and developers who do not plan this way run into many of the same common errors. We’re here to help you avoid these mistakes.

This paper covers a quick look at the basics of data organization and features eleven useful tips to help you organize your data in a way that will save you time in the long run.

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Eleven Tips for Creating a Reporting-Friendly Database