Increased Report Design Flexibility

Windward's Reporting Engine is the foundation for our custom reporting solution. The engine is not only incredibly easy and headache free to implement, but it's the only reporting engine featuring AutoTag.

AutoTag Template Designer

What exactly is AutoTag? Simply put, the easiest custom ad hoc report design tool on the market. Not only does it ace report design, but handles Taging and drill down with a cool efficiency that will have you wondering how on Earth you spent so much time with inflexible ad hoc solutions. After all, you know your data best. Sound hard to believe? Fill out the form on the right and get your hands on our design tool's free demo!

What Makes Windward's Reporting Software Unique

  • Setting what you want to make available for the ad-hoc and drill-down queries takes just a couple of minutes. (Really!) No consultants and no weeks of design time.
  • You don't need to build cubes and copy the data to them because AutoTag directly calls your databases and other data sources.
  • Because you design the ad hoc reporting templates in Microsoft Office, you have full control over layout and format.
  • You perform the queries in Office and get the result in Office. This may be the most radical difference between AutoTag and other BI tools because:
  •  You perform drilldown and analysis from the business app you use the most and know the best.
  •  You can easily take the result and turn it into a document (PDF/Word/Excel/PowerPoint) that you forward or email


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Reporting Software That Delivers

"Windward is the best solution available for presentation and on-demand reporting because of its small footprint. Other solutions have too large

of a footprint to generate the speed of reporting that Windward is able to do." 

-Ethan Kayes, Aon Hewitt