Webcast Overview

Let Ryan Fligg, Windward Product Manager, provide the insights you need to effectively evaluate and select a reporting solution that meets your needs.

Join us on Tuesday, February 24 at 9:05 AM (Mountain) for a revealing 30-minute webinar where you will learn how to:

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Windward Studios Webcast

How to Choose a Reporting System for Your Application

  • Identify your business reporting needs within the reporting lifecycle
  • Define how your data organization and connectivity will affect reporting
  • Assess ease and speed of template design
  • Evaluate training, support and maintenance options
  • Determine the open and hidden costs of implementation, including scalability and infrastructure


A Bonus Gift for Attendees

Attendees will also receive a free copy of the paper “Your Complete Checklist for Evaluating Reporting Software,” an indispensable guide with all the right questions to ask during each step of the evaluation process. While reporting may seem to be just a small part of what you do, it’s a crucial one that you can’t afford to ignore.