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You’ve worked for months to develop your new application, but there’s one key component you’ve put off. Now you can no longer postpone the important decision:


Should you buy a reporting or docgen component or build your own?

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Windward Studios Webcast

Should You buy or Build your Reporting System?

Join Windward Studios’ Product Manager Ryan Fligg and Sales Engineer Valerie Schilling for a 30-minute “he-said, she-said” conversation on the buy vs. build conundrum. In this live webcast, Valerie will defend the need to buy, while Ryan takes the side of those who wish to build. As an attendee, you’ll learn:


  • The 10 key factors you must first consider
  • How to assess speed to market and integration
  • Why template design and performance are critical
  • What costs may have the greatest impact on your ROI


Attendees will also receive a free copy of the white paper: “Should You Buy or Build Reporting into your Software?” Register today!