Welcome to Windward's Customer Referral Program

How Does the Referral Program Work?

  1. Upon receiving your referral, we will send a courteous message that explains why we are contacting them.
  2. If and when they respond to that message, a Windward Account Executive will reach out for further discussion and to answer any questions.
  3. After that, if they are keen on progressing further, we will keep you updated if and when they convert into a customer.

What Makes a Good Referral?

A good referral is someone who:

  • Is responsible for generating a lot of reports and documents. 
  • Spends way too much time copying and pasting. 
  • Struggles with what should be simple editing tasks.
  • Wants to get reports created as quickly as possible so they can move on to their core business.
Ideas on Whom to Refer

Windward customer industries include: Finance, Insurance, Human Resources, IT, Legal, Insurance, Healthcare, Government, Software or Application Development, Systems Integration, Consulting

Windward customer job titles include: CTO, Project Manager, Systems Architect, Developer, Data Analyst, Human Resources Head, Accounting Assistant, Office Administrator, Executive Assistant, Administrative Coordinator, Financial Controller, Financial Analyst, Operations Analyst, Accounting Manager, Senior Business Analyst, Senior Financial Analyst, Business Systems Analyst, Database Administrator, Analytics Manager

Thank you for your interest in referring a colleague to Windward Studios. Windward is proud to provide one of the best solutions for reporting and document generation and we are honored you have chosen to recommend us. 

Further Questions?

Email us at marketing@windward.net and we'll get back to you fast. 
What's in it for You?

Windward takes care of customers who provide referrals. When you submit a name you will automatically become part of the Windward Wizards, our exclusive rewards program. This program allows you to earn recognition, network with other industry professionals, and even get physical rewards such as GoPro cameras and gift cards for completing activities that help spread the word about Windward Studios. If your referral becomes a Windward customer you will receive 10,000 points that can be used to cash in on a number of items in the Wizards reward catalog.

Questions about the program can be sent to wizards@windward.net and we will get back to you promptly.