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The AutoTag Template Designer


AutoTag is a free-form report design tool for creating the exact report layout you want. This important component of Windward’s reporting and document generation solutions lets you design, format and edit reports completely in Microsoft Office.


Are you a developer who would also like to get your hands on our powerful Engine Code Libraries?

The Windward Engine is a set of code libraries that allows you to easily embed advanced reporting and document generation functionality into your products or processes. Available in Java, .NET, or a RESTful API, we make it easy to quickly deliver the documents your users need. Click here to request a free Engine trial along with AutoTag.

Fast and Easy Template Design:

The Windward Reporting Solution is ideal for commercial software developers, IT consultants, enterprises, or system integrators who need to add Reporting and Document Generation functionality to their desktop, online, SaaS or mobile products.


Windward offers reporting software that increases your productivity, saves your company money, and makes your job easier.


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