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Worldwide the increase in food production is lagging behind the increase in population. Farmers need to find ways to produce twice as much food as we are producing today just to keep pace with population growth.


So farmers are turning to analytics to help them better understand and manage their fields, their soil and their farms.


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Windward Studios Webcast

iCropTrak Harvests Success through Windward and Yellowfin

Learn how farmers rely on iCropTrak to maximize production through the skillful use of data.


iCropTrak CEO Aaron Hutchinson, Windward Product Manager Ryan Fligg and Yellowfin Product Manager John Ryan will demonstrate how iCropTrak incorporates the Windward and Yellowfin solutions to create an effective reporting and BI tool.


Attendees will also receive a free copy of the white paper “Reporting for Mobile Applications: 8 Topics to Consider.” Register today!