Intro to Autotag (Quick overview of where stuff is)

STEP 1: watch getting started videos

Connecting to SQL and XML 
Intro to Data Bin
Creating Variables
Join one of our sales engineers for a basic training session. This training is the best way get up to speed on using Autotag fast and to get the most of the trial period. The training covers all the set up processes, overview of the interface, how to create simple reports and much more.

STEP 3: register for live training

STEP 2: download and print getting started PDF

We created a perfect little getting started cheat sheet that has definitions for every single section and button on Autotag Ribbon. We recommend you print it out and use as a handy reference tool during your trial. This will help you focus more on the report building and less on the searching.

STEP 4: Use WIKI for any unanswered questions

Wiki article: AutoTag 101
Wiki article: Wiki for new users
Wiki article: The 5 Steps of Using AutoTag
Wiki article: SQL Datasource Wizard
Wiki article: All about Tags

Wiki article: Tutorials on using Tags

STEP 5: Help us be better